My (so far) Vinatge / Retro Robot Collection!

Looks like I’ve been picking up the odd robot here and there then! Take a look at where I’m at so far.  I love these guys because they’re totally along the same vein as space and Arduino, two things which have really caught my attention of late. Here are a few pics of what I’ve got.

Firstly is this, a SH Horikawa Radar Robot. As you can see there’s a little wear and tear on the silver parts.  It works perfectly, came in the original box (which has some amazing box art!) and it looks great on display too! What more can I ask?

SH Horikawa Radar Robot

SH Horikawa Radar Robot – Image copyright Nathan Stevens

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My Ardunio Tutorial Practice – DC Motor Control

So I’ve been slowly making my way through some of the Arduino Starter Kit tutorials since getting the kit, as and when I can.  It’s all going quite well so far and I’m pretty sure that by the end I’ll have a better understanding of exactly what an Arduino is capable of! Hopefully that’ll then give me a few of my own ideas as to how I want to use my Arduino in future.

Here’s a short clip from Vine which shows my use of Arduino to control a DC motor using a switch to power on and off.  I’ve fabricated the LED section using a bottle cap, three LEDs and a slim watch battery.

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Arduino Starter Kit

So after much deliberation I finally took the plunge and ordered myself an Arduino.

For those of you who know Arduino, you’ll know it’s taking the word by storm right now.  With a PC and a little programming and electrical know-how individuals are taking control and solving real world problems, making clever gadgets and bringing art instillations to life.  I’m not sure what my aim is yet but I guess I’ll figure that out as I make my way through the tutorial projects contained within the official Arduino ‘Starter Kit’.  Here’s a quick look at the amazing box design of this kit! – So simple, it totally reflects all that Arduino is about.

Arduino Starter Kit

My official Arduino Starter Kit just arrived!